Implement Kraken2in minutes,
and run it up to 100x faster

Analyze your data faster with pre-implemented APIs and scalable compute solutions that leverage the cloud.

Increase velocity, decrease overhead

Cut wall time and development time needed to get results with Toolchest.

Top-tier cloud security

Toolchest is built on top of Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud provider used by groups like Illumina, the CDC, US DoD, and more.
  • All data are encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • All requests are authenticated.
  • Customers have separate input and output buckets for the Toolchest APIs.
  • Additional certifications available as required.

Integrate with your existing analysis pipeline

  • R and Python libraries for easy use of the Toolchest API from any computer.
  • Works with platforms like Rescale.
  • Speed up your existing code with Toolchest Notebooks.
  • Choose only the tools you want and write your own code as needed.

Proven results

"I ran an astrophysics analysis with Toolchest using 10x as many parameter sets as I could before. This vastly accelerated the rate at which I could collect numerical results, which allowed me to progress through my computational research at 10x the speed.”
Luke S.
Researcher at UCSB

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