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Move computational biology tools to the cloud with just a few lines of code. Discover faster: speed up implementation and analysis time by up to 100x.

Keep your analysis where it is, and use Toolchest to speed up the hard parts

  • No need to migrate or learn a new platform
  • Python and R libraries to make integration easy
  • No new infrastructure to manage
  • Works seamlessly with Jupyter notebooks, RStudio, Python scripts, and more

Top-tier cloud security

Toolchest is built on top of Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud provider used by groups like Illumina, the CDC, US DoD, and more
  • All data are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Tools are executed on separate instances, not persistent shared infrastructure
  • Input and output data are automatically deleted after the run is complete

Proven results

"I ran an analysis with Toolchest using 10x as many parameter sets as I could before. This vastly accelerated the rate at which I could collect numerical results, which allowed me to progress through my computational research at 10x the speed.”
Luke S.
Researcher at UC Santa Barbara

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