Run Kraken2in the cloud with only a few lines of code

Toolchest's libraries speed up implementation and analysis time up to 100x, helping you get to faster breakthroughs and discoveries.

Toolchest is backed by Y Combinator and used by fast-moving researchers in industry and academia

It's easy to use

Three lines of Python or R. Install with pip in Python or devtools in R.
Try it in a notebook

Keep your analysis where it is, and use Toolchest to speed up the hard parts

  • No need to migrate or learn a new platform
  • Python and R libraries to make integration easy
  • No need to start and stop cloud instances, SSH, or manage infrastructure
  • Works seamlessly with Jupyter notebooks, RStudio, Python scripts, and more

Proven results

"We use Toolchest to run bioinformatics tools in the cloud, and it was the easiest integration ever. Our analysis code stayed in our Jupyter notebooks, and the team didn't need to learn a new language or skill set.”
Bioinformatician and founder of Next Generation Consulting

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